Bagpipe lessons are given every Thursday evening in the band room at McLane High School from 6pm to 7pm. The band room is located just north of the parking lot at the corner of Cedar and Clinton. The lessons are absolutely free! McLane is located on Cedar between Princeton and Clinton. The address is 2727 N Cedar Ave, Fresno, CA

Arrangements can also be made for other lesson times. Call Mark Little at 559-213-9690 for information or more detailed directions to McLane High school. 

The beginner needs only to purchase a practice chanter from a bagpipe dealer online. Most pipers play polypenco practice chanters, but many still choose to play the African Blackwood ones. Call Mark Little for sources and types of practice chanters available. Do not buy bagpipes, (especially on eBay) until you have started the lessons and have the advice of the instructor or other accomplished pipers.